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IISAR along with AKU-Eb struggling hard to eliminate rote learning system in Pakistan while introducing a unique Educational & Examination Set up based upon project & Conceptual based education. It comprises:

  • AKU-EB SSC and HSSC certificates are recognized at par with certificates offered by other public sector Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) in Pakistan for admission to professional colleges, universities and for employment.
  • No equivalency is required, ensuring increased adaptability and mobility for AKU-EB students. (IBCC letter)
  • AKU-EB qualifications are based on the national curriculum, with a focus on modern perspectives of teaching and learning.
  • AKU-EB teachers participate in a wide variety of development opportunities to constantly update their knowledge and share their expertise with colleagues.
  • AKU-EB qualifications are aimed at promoting active learning processes with a focus on investigation and application of knowledge.
  • AKU-EB works closely with selected publishers to offer appropriate text books and learning material for students.

Parents of current and future AKU-EB students are involved in important decision-making processes regarding the education of their child. We encourage parents to contact us to discuss any queries they may have.

AKU-Eb most unique features:

First in Asia to use e-Marking

  • Strong emphasis on conceptual understanding instead of rote memorization.
  • Statistical feedback support provided to schools
  • Listening skills tested in all language examinations
  • Comprehensive Teachers’ Professional Development Program
  • Supplementary learning materials both for students and teachers are available
  • Results announced within six weeks
  • No equivalency required
  • Recognition by all colleges and universities
  • High quality examinations at a reasonable fee

Key Words

Cognitive Levels: Knowledge U: Understanding A: Application

SLOs : Specific Learning Objects
MCQs : Multiple Choice Questions
CRQs : Constructive Response Questions
ERQs : Extended Response Questions

Good News: AKU-Eb now brings Merit cum Need based Scholarships.

Dr.Thomas Christie (Director General AKU-EB) with Prof. Dr. Ahmed SaleemSiddiqui (Chairman IISAR)


We look forward to bring better change in society whithout discrimination in order to ensure the Provision of learning oppertunities available equally to the students from every walk of life along with the most modern & 21st century compatible infra structure and utilization of Hi-Tech at very nominal fee rate with the scholarships /freeships availibilty.

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