Middle School(Class III – VIII) Feb Assessment 2018 Result announcement and Parent Teacher Meeting is going to be arranged on Saturday February 24th, 2018 from 11a.m. -02:00 p.m.
CBE dates available at IISAR Foundation: March 13, 23 & 29 2018 . Interested students may contact at 0300-7022042
Monthly Assessment February 2018 would be started from Monday 12th February 2018 InshaAllah.
Preliminary Examination 2017-2018 are going to be commenced from March 7, 2018.
Mock Exams are going to be commenced from Jan 12 2018 for the grades IX to XII.

Chairman Message


Prof. (Dr.) Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui is the Chairman of IISAR Foundation Higher Secondary School, who is struggling hard and putting his sweat and blood to Open a window of love through literacy and vision for all of his countrymen with no prejudices, since last 26 years. He spent nearly 20 years abroad, for higher education. In his education he focused on learning more about science and engineering. He obtained his degree of PhD in Education. In addition; he also worked for a Considerable period of time on Human Factor Engineering and Mental Health Problems. At this point in time with the grace of Allah he was able to receive Allah’s guidance from the Holy Quran that opened a window in his mind for the real perception and understanding of the purpose of life, and he began his struggle to achieve this end. He approached and worked to spread out the message of Love & Peace (Inner & Outer) through Education.


In the light of above Quranic verse and hadith, the importance of education is very well defined. Keeping this in mind and setting it as a goal in our lives, I laid the IISAR Foundation in 1990, particularly focusing on the provision of 21st century compatible education from the grass root level and try to make it available for every single child on equal basis. It’s our belief that getting education is right of every child irrespective of all differences. Our basic aim is to serve the nation, to let the nation educated religiously. As these young and dynamic students are our future, we must save our future & strengthen them as an asset for the nation. We have to build within them a wholesome and balanced personality who may respect other individuals and must see within them the reflection of God.

Dear fellows! It’s my dream to make the nation’s dream come true. Let’s come and join us, find the path of success, elevate your spirit and enjoy the height of education, which enables us to recognize ourselves and leads to the creator which is the ultimate goal of every human.

May Allah bless you, strengthen you enough to achieve your destination.

Feel comfortable during your stay at IISAR. Looking forward to your valuable suggestions and cooperation.


We look forward to bring better change in society whithout discrimination in order to ensure the Provision of learning oppertunities available equally to the students from every walk of life along with the most modern & 21st century compatible infra structure and utilization of Hi-Tech at very nominal fee rate with the scholarships /freeships availibilty.

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