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Regular Admission

IISAR Foundation Higher Secondary School welcomes stadusts who are commited to developing their talent. Students seeking regular admission to Intermediate programs must have a SSC/Last Exam. passed marks sheet, 4 recent Photographs, birht certificateand Parent's CNIC.

Provisional Admission

Students who do not meet the preceding requirements maybe accepted on a provisional basis, based on TC/provisional cerficate attested from the last school attented.

Program of  Interest:-

Biagraphical Informtion

Name of parents
Phone # (include area code)
Has a member of your family studied from IISAR? (if yes , list their relationship )
Please rank by number, in order of importance, the sources for your interest in IISAR
(example 1=most important ).
Rank only those which apply.Use each # only once.

__ Friends/relatives __iEARN __ ISEO __ Sports __ Community Work __ IISAR Publications
If possible, list names of IISAR students or others who influenced you.

Educational Information

SSC/Last Class:-                School name from which you passed your SSC/Last Class?
  1. Students are advised to attend the classes regularly and on time. In case, any student who remains absent for one week continuously without prior information will be suspended. 75% minimum attendance is compulsory.
  2. Management reserves the right to take severe action against those students who are found involved in subversive activities within or around the school. They shall be expelled from the school.
  3. Tuition fee must be paid on or before 10th, Rs.100/- will be charged as a late fee. Fee once paid will not be refunded.*
  4. 25% of admission fee will be charged on the re-enrolment of the name, if name get struck off (in case of non – payment of fees or due to un-limited absence exceeding 30 days.
  5. Visitors are not allowed to see the students in the classrooms.
  6. Smoking inside campus is strictly prohibited.
  7. All students must carry their Identity Cards & show whenever required by the schools authorities.
  8. A fine or Rs. 75/- shall be charged on issuance of a duplicate card.
  9. The authorities should not be held responsible for the safe keeping of the private property of students.
  10. Any student found guilty f indiscipline, misconduct or misbehavior or found disturbing the atmosphere and smooth running the school/college, shall be liable to be put on social probation. Social probation shall withdrawal of scholarship (if awarded) and participating in any school activities and any other punishment as may be deemed fit by the committee appointed by the chairman
  11. No student body/society shall exist or function in the school.
  12. No posters, banners and pamphlets shall be displayed or distributed in the school.
  13. If you have any physical or other disability or medical condition, which might necessitate special arrangements or facilities, please directly to the Admin. Officer with the relevant details, in advance of submitting your application.
Certificate :- I cerify that the information is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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We look forward to bring better change in society whithout discrimination in order to ensure the Provision of learning oppertunities available equally to the students from every walk of life along with the most modern & 21st century compatible infra structure and utilization of Hi-Tech at very nominal fee rate with the scholarships /freeships availibilty.

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